In Case You Are Shopping This Weekend…

I haven’t posted any books or things that I love in a while.  At least I don’t think I have.  So I am going to give you a few wide ranging ones with links to where you can find them on the Internet. 

Or, maybe you are going to the old brick and mortar this weekend.  Either way, you might like some of this stuff.  I do. 

The North Face visor:  I wear visors when I run and they save me, every time.  If I didn’t wear a visor, I think sweat would have burned my eyes out by now.  The North Face visors are great.  This is the newest model and I have had one now for about 3 weeks and it has been surprisingly fresh despite my efforts. 

Why We Get Fatby Gary Taubes:  When I first moved to Seattle back in 1999, I was out of shape and to say puffy would be kind.  I had no clue about nutrition, but somehow I just followed my instincts and got myself into shape.  Not that I have been dealing with issues related to my thyroid that have caused me to blow up to Stay-Puff Marshmallow Man sizes at times, I have needed to revisit some of that thinking from earlier in my life.  This book encapsulates all of the thinking and studying I did on nutrition while in Seattle.  I can’t recommend this book strongly enough for anyone that eats. 

Mont Blanc Meisterstruck Pen:  Every man should have a pen that he uses to sign contracts and important papers.  This pen is that pen for me. 

Nike Free+2:  These would obviously be better in my running blog, but I’m only suggesting things that I love.  And, I love these shoes.  You can have your other minimalist shoes, but I will keep these.  I’ve had a few pairs every year since Nike began making them.  I have gotten 700+ miles out of them.  Awesome shoes! 

Krups Burr Grinder:  My coffee nerdom goes back so far that its ridiculous.  I’ve traveled all over Costa Rica on vacation to a factory that only exports coffee to Europe so that I could get beans that they wouldn’t even really sell me to bring home with me.  I was the guy that owned a bunch of Red Hook stock that complained when they switched the coffee in the Coffee Stout from Starbucks to some generic crap.  And, if Howard Schultz reads this, I will happily move to Seattle to work in marketing or operations for Starbucks. So that aside, this thing is awesome.  You have no clue how great a cup of coffee is until you grind it fresh each morning and brew it immediately afterwards.  Call me what you will, but if you try it, you will never ever go back. 

The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau:  I get it.  You hated The 4 Hour Workweekbecause it was totally BS and the concepts were so over the moon that it was impossible to imagine being able to start a microbusiness and to outsource processes and to build something that was completely remote.  Well, here is a less brazen answer to that.  Chris sent me an advance copy, and its fantastic.  The templates, concepts and ideas are really spot on.  I want to start another business after reading this book and I am sure you will too. 

This is the final one…until next time, but here is a total winner and one you can only get on Amazon:

Pick 4 by Seth Godin:  I don’t know if you should buy these for the goal system or the essay on goals or what.  But I can only say, buy them! 

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