Dave Wakeman’s 33 Questions You Can Use To Be Better At Business

I have been throwing out occasional posts about being better at business…and this one does and doesn’t fall into that category, so it doesn’t have the keyword attached. 

But here are 33 questions you can use to make yourself better at business:

1. What is my priority?

2. How can I do this better?

3. Where can I find this information?

4. Who do I know?

5. Why?

6. What makes me unique in this area?

7. How can I better market myself?

8. How can we better position ourselves?

9. Is this the best thing for the customer?

10. Will the customer be amazed?

11. Is there anything I am missing?

12. How can I top this?

13. Will this service work in another industry?

14. Can I fix this if I mess up?

15. Why hasn’t this problem been solved?

16. How can I help you?

17. What would improvement look like?

18. How will you know when you achieve it?

19. Have you tried other solutions?

20. Do you think that the problem is structural?

21. What resources do you have available to address this issue?

22. What is the right problem to address?

23. Are you measuring the right things?

24. Why are you doing things this way?

25. Can you clarify that for me?

26. How do you mean?

27. If things were better, what would you be doing instead?

28. How quickly can we start?

29. Do you have a deadline?

30. How accurate are these projections?

31. What are the alternatives?

32. What if we don’t do anything?

33. Why are you doing it like that?

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