Attracting Talent…

I’m confused by much of what I see on career blogs and job sites. 


Well, there seems to be this really incredible lust and hate for the job board, hiring process, and other aspects of the “job hunt.”

Here’s the deal…

If you are a CEO of a company and you want to hire talent, you aren’t going to go to your HR department and say, “Look, I need someone with these attributes and that’s it." 

No….if you do, you should just turn in your resignation right away because you aren’t using your head.

No…if you are a good leader, you are going to talk to your HR team and your managers and leaders and say something like: "Everyone, we are facing this problem and we need to bring in talented people that can solve it.”

So…to recap. That doesn’t mean you need a room full of MBAs or Harvard grads, you need problem solvers and where they come from isn’t important. 

By hiring for the outcomes, that is how you attract talent.

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