A Few Real World Examples of Fidelity In Business

Earlier I wrote a short post about called ‘convenience vs. fidelity’

In the post I talked about making the decision to make yourself or your product convenient or to make it with some kind of wow factor. 

Then I was reading a blog about Starbucks’ refill policy and that got me to thinking about fidelity a little more and I wanted to give you a few real world examples of things that stand out to me: 

Starbucks’ Card:  If you drink coffee at Starbucks, even occasionally, you need this card.  You get free refills.  Discounts.  Free drinks.  Free samples.  Free modifications.  C’mon this thing is great. 

iPad 2:  Obviously this is too easy, but I just want to highlight this.  How quickly did the world adapt to the iPad?  Tell me, 2-3 years ago, did anyone really need a tablet computer?  And, the display and interface are just utterly amazing. 

NYC Marathon:  All marathons are 26.2 miles long.  They don’t deviate in the distance, but something extra special happens in New York.  The crowds.  The water canons while running over the Verrazano Bridge.  Running up 1st Avenue.  There are tons of things that make this marathon special.  You can’t begin to name them all. 

Those are just three quick examples.  I’d love to hear the examples you see in the world and I will follow up with more of them in the future. 

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