21 Ways To Make Your Next Project More Successful

Yesterday I announced the title of my new ebook on Twitter.  Today I am taking to my blog to give you the table of contents, or at least the working draft…

The book is called 21 Ways To Make Your Next Project More Successful and it is going to be out in July.  

The gist is that this is a book for project managers, entrepreneurs, and managers that will help them with 21 easy steps that they can apply to any project to make the damn thing to make it better.  

The tips will help you make or save money….because when you do something better, you can profit from that.  

The Table of Contents:

21 Ways To Improve Your Next Project


1.    Set Clear, Correct, Measurable Goals

2.    Create a Clear Schedule

3.    Use a Standard Project Framework

4.    Plan Effectively

5.    Budget Correctly

6.    Set Quality Standards

7.    Give Proper Direction

8.    Set Realistic Time Goals

9.    Effective Communication

10. Develop a Strong Team Culture

11. Focus on People Over Process

12. Engage Stakeholders

13. Only Hold Productive and Focused Meetings

14. Clearly Understand the Business Reasons and Benefits

15. Empower Your Team Members to Make Decisions and Take Action

16. Do What Works Best in Your Team’s Environment

17. Monitor and Measure Your Results

18. Actively Mentor

19. Engage Subject Matter Experts

20. Focus On Deliverables

21. Stay Flexible


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