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A Path To Higher and More Value


One key to continual growth in your business is that you need a ladder of value for you to move your prospects and clients along. This is important because it is not likely that you are going to convert someone from an unknown to a huge client in one step, there are likely to be steps along the way.

That’s why it is important to think about the customer value experience from the very start.

What this value chain means is that you want to find a way to introduce you and your company to your audience that is easy for them to try and that can start the relationship that will lead you to higher levels of value.

How can you create a tremendous value ladder that moves your clients to very deep connections and high forms of value.

1. Be conscious of how you want your clients and prospects to interact with you:

The first step on your value path is that you need to know where you want your journey to start and how you want it to end.

This takes a great deal of consideration because it is unlikely that you are going to get everyone to start and end at the same places at the same time.

But by mapping out the process, you can create some easy ways for your clients to jump onboard with your company’s services.

For me, I have come up with about 12-15 ways that I want to be able to work with my clients and partners.

I’ve started with the free like the blog, newsletter, and moved to the most valuable experiences.

2. Always look for ways to improve your value:

Value isn’t a static thing.

Time changes, markets change, and the world around you changes.

You need to be aware of the changes that are occurring around you and be cognizant of how that impacts what you are doing and how that is going to change how you interact with your clients and prospects.

3. Refine your path as you move forward:

Over time, you will always want to know what your path is looking like.

You will also want to know what your path should evolve into.

But the important thing is that your path is going to change as you move forward.

And, you need to do the thing that great project managers do and understand what is working and what isn’t working and adjusting accordingly.

Because the key to long term value and growing the value between your clients is that you are always going to want to have a way to improve and grow and change the value relationship so that your clients are always experiencing something new and more valuable.

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