10 Keys To Marketing Success

Marketing is an idea and a concept that is constant conversation on the Internet.

And, just because there is so much discussion about it, that doesn’t mean that marketing is always done very well.

In fact, with so many self-proclaimed “gurus” and “ninjas” populating the marketing conversation, it is surprising how much poor marketing occurs.

To help you cut through the clutter, here are 10 key concepts that you need to consider to ensure you are delivering the most effective marketing possible.

1. Marketing Mix: 

You have to have the right marketing mix.

Too much of what constitutes marketing advice on the Internet misses the point that marketing and marketing mix can consist of a lot of different tactics and a large blend of actions that can and will change depending on what your goals are.

So one of the key things you need to pay attention to is the mix of your marketing so that you are hitting the right levers in your efforts.

2. Understanding the difference between marketing and advertising:

At some point, advertising and marketing have become able to be used interchangeably by too many people.

In fact, they are wildly different.

Marketing is a strategic activity that focuses on your value, your market, and the delivery of your marketing message.

Advertising is a tactic that you use to help you deliver that marketing message.

3. Knowing the strength of your brand:

Brand gets thrown around a tremendous amount.

And, most people think that their brand is much stronger than it likely is.

Apple has a strong brand, but I feel like their brand is being undermined by the lack of functionality of Apple Music and some botched roll outs.

Which means that Apple might be in a position where they think their brand is much stronger than it is. Because I hear many more complaints about Apple products than I ever have before.

All this means for you and your brand, is that don’t overestimate how wed people are to your brand and to how strong you think it is.

4. Message alignment:

Your message absolutely needs to be aligned with your goals and objectives.

In too many cases, that isn’t the case.

Look at any time you call a call center and they tell you, “your call is very important to us.” Then you sit on hold for 30 minutes.

5. The correct role of advertising in your marketing: 

Advertising is sexy because it seems like it is easy to target an ad, cut a commercial, and sell.

That’s not really the case and if you look at advertising as your entire marketing and branding tool kit, you are likely to have two things happen:

You will fail at marketing and branding.

You will go broke.

6. Consistency:

This is the key concept to the entire idea of marketing, branding, and advertising.

No matter what your strategy is, make sure you can deliver your message consistently.

7. Exclusivity is cool:

Too many brands try to include something for everyone!


Brands and marketing should exclude people in the same way that they include everyone. Even the most mass market products aren’t for everyone.

8. Discounts are terrible for your brand:

How many times have you led with a discount?

Don’t be afraid.

I know it happens too much.

But you have to stop defaulting to discounting because discounts destroy brand value and worth.

9. Is your brand authentic:

Authenticity gets thrown around a little too heavily for my tastes and has stared to have the feel of a buying a used car, but the idea is still important.

And, to take away the sleaze, think about authenticity like this:

Does your brand do what it says its going to do and does your communications with your audience reflect that?

10. Creating a path for your customers: 

Does your brand have a path for customers to grow into?

Have you created a customer path that starts with a small, initial purchase and leads to more intimate, more lucrative purchases?

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