Here Are A Few Of My Favorite Resources!


I get asked pretty regularly about where I turn to and what I look for in resources. And, well, it seems like as good a time as any for me to share a few things that I look to pretty regularly and how you can use them to successful in your own work.

Many of them are things I will reference from time to time over and over again…so pardon me if this is repetitive.

Seth’s Blog:  I can’t think of a better resource for anyone that wants to get jacked up and motivated than to check out Seth’s blog each and every morning. And, you should get the blog delivered to your inbox because that’s even a better way of using it.

Why do I use Seth’s blog?

Because Seth has this amazing ability to offer up a nudge and nugget each day.

His primary objective seems to be to spur you into action.

Chris Brogan’s Newsletter: Chris Brogan’s Sunday newsletter is a must read for me. I have lovingly borrowed his concept of sending out a newsletter on Sunday and I find his pieces always useful.

Chris is a fantastic resource and he has turned me on to several other key resources that I use pretty regularly like John Nemo and Anthony Iannorino.

Having been involved in sports business and entertainment business for most of my career, these resources keep me always in touch with the industry.

Tao of Sports:  The Tao of Sports is a website and blog that is lead by my friend Troy Kirby. Troy is about 615 podcasts into his podcasting career and he seems to get almost everyone involved in sports business on his podcast.

The Lefsetz Letter: I first really became aware of Bob Lefsetz’s blog when Seth Godin mentioned it in a post on his blog as something he really loved. In the months since I have been reading Bob’s stuff, I have definitely become smarter. Bob focuses on the music industry and how bands, records, and music is marketed.

My final resource is someone that has been the inspiration for much of my consulting success, the Contrarian Consultant himself, Alan Weiss. Alan’s blog pops up about 3 times a week, but the really powerful stuff is contained in numerous books, especially Million Dollar Consulting (Amazon Link) and Value Based Fees

The book on fees may be expensive, but if you apply it immediately…you will recoup your expense in your first sale ten times or more.

I’ll come back to this from time to time and update you with some books…and podcasts and other things.

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