Are You Giving Off The Perception Of Excellence?

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Do you remember the show: “How I Met Your Mother?”

And, the brand that Barney Stinson built for himself after he had his heart broken early on in his adulthood?

Well, that brand is what I want to talk with you about…because he took a former tree hugging hippy and turned him into someone that presented the image of excellence…or at least fostered it at every opportunity.

Which brings us back to us…

What does your brand imply about you?

Are you making your brand stand out and does it stand for excellence?

Or, have you allowed your brand to deteriorate to the point that it is middling or worse?

Our brands are really about the perception of excellence. Our job is really to work out a way for us to breed that excellence in our buyers and prospects.

The question is how?

1. Create an emotional connection between you and the world around you:

Brands, even B2B brands, are all about emotion. And, you have to understand that even in the most cut and dried decisions that there is an emotional connection that your brand needs to deliver.

So the first key to building a brand on excellence is to connect some emotion to your brand.

2. Don’t try to be everything to everyone:

In too many instances a brand can lose its way because it is trying to be everything to everyone. But all that does is devalues your brand.

You have to have a point of view for your brand.

You can’t be everything to everyone.

So the key here is that you need to have a unique POV that attracts as well as repels.

3. Your brand should be a template for the way that you move through the world:

I like to talk about alignment a lot.

And, your brand needs to have a consistency to it.

So every action you take needs to be consistent with the excellence you are trying to convey from your brand.

Every action has to be consistent with what you want to world to know and think about you, if not…the brand gets eaten away at.

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