What Are You Afraid Of? Value Is How You Lead!

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create value - inpiration concept - isolated words in vintage letterpress wood type

create value – inpiration concept – isolated words in vintage letterpress wood type

Most of us that get a start in business are really good at certain aspects, or should I say tactics, of our roles. We do a great job at understanding and thinking about tasks, tactics, metrics, and positioning, but even looking at the world of our businesses through a lens such as this, many of us get stuck on the concept of value.

What exactly is value in a business? I know it seems like a simple question, but the answers that you get are likely to vary.

For our purposes, the idea of value and creating value in our businesses and for our clients comes down to a simple meaning that is really measured in the difference between the spot that our client started in when working with us and the place they end up because of our partnership.

Understanding that, it can still be hard for people to discuss their roles in terms of the value that they create for their clients.


Well, false modesty comes to mind for one reason.

But more likely is the challenge of never really understanding what your clients are really buying from you.

So how do you define value in a way that is meaningful for you to drive conversations with your prospective clients?

1. Identify the tangible improvements you deliver for your clients.

Does your client gain better marketing position? Faster sales times? More prospects? Less downtime for their IT infrastructure?

What is it?

Can you quantify it?

2. What about intangible values? 

Does your product or service lessen the stress of your clients’ lives? How?

Does this product save time?

Does your service eliminate something?

What is it?

3. Can you combine the two into a compelling statement that touches both the tangible and intangible? 

Can you talk about the way that your services aimed at IT infrastructure help your clients make more money, maximize their investment, and eliminate a lot of meetings and downtime?

Or, is that your strategy work eliminates the need for constant meetings and management about direction, saving time and money?

How can you combine the two to make something only you and your firm provide?

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