“I’m Sorry…Its Not You, Its Me!”

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Is the line in the headline something you ever say to a client? Have you ever had to let go of a client because the work didn’t fit your business any longer?

I’d bet that in more cases than we want to admit, none of us says goodbye to business nearly regularly enough.


Because we come at business from a point of scarcity.

But in order to grow your business and increase your ability to do higher value work that will propel your operation to higher revenue and more growth, you eventually have to say good bye to some pieces of business.

How do you do that?

1. Make sure you refer the business you are outgrowing to someone that can do a great job for them.

2. Explain that it isn’t about them, but that you just don’t have the resources available to assist them any longer and that you don’t want to not give them the support that they deserve. 

3. Make the process smooth. 

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“I’m Sorry…Its Not You, Its Me!” was originally published on Wakeman Consulting Group

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