4 Foundations of Revenue Generation


In building a strong revenue structure to support your business and your mission you have to begin with a solid base.

The ultimate key to the success of your revenue model is the ability to create and maintain alignment between all of the key areas of your business, which I have identified as: strategy, operations, sales, and marketing.

In too many instances, alignment is lost and your ability to maximize your revenue.

Here are the reasons that each area are so important in building a solid revenue structure:


Without a direction for your organization, you are always going to feel like you are starting over and that you are treading water.

The way to give your organization direction is to develop a strategy.

Your strategy doesn’t need to be so complex. In fact, it is likely that being too complex will do more harm than good.

A simple strategy can be formed from three questions:

  1. What is the value we provide?
  2. Who can use and will buy this value?
  3. How do we reach them?


Your strategy can be tight and the sales and marketing strategies we will talk about may be on point, but if you can’t deliver on the promise of what you hope to deliver, you won’t be successful.

So it is essential that you make sure your operations line up with your value proposition.


In looking at my three strategic questions, the final question is how do you reach your audience.

In understanding your strategy, marketing should become much easier.

Instead of making you have more choices, your marketing will become much easier to target and implement.

Marketing as a core of your revenue engine is the vehicle that makes your target market aware of who you are and what you do.


This is the way that you finalize the relationships.

Sales brings the money in!

Ultimately, revenue is the key to helping you fulfill your mission.

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