3 Keys To ReThinking Your Value Proposition

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In too many instances, we think of our value propositions as fixed items or we feel like our value proposition is defined by the market.

In either case, that is incorrect.

Our value proposition is just like us, it should be evolving as we move forward in life.

The challenge for many businesses is, how do we redefine our value proposition? And/or…we were one thing and is that still true?

Both are challenging issues and simple issues at the same time.

So how do you redefine your value proposition to reflect who you are and not who you have been?

1. Return to the value that you want to deliver:

What happens in a lot of cases is that we start taking on projects and other projects and we forget exactly what it is that we wanted to do.

I get it.

Someone is throwing money at you, it is hard to say no.

But to regain control of your value proposition, you have to be really focused on what it is that you actually want to deliver.

So you need to go back and think about what it is that you actually want to give to your clients.

2. Think about the difference you make in your clients’ lives:

I’ve written in my newsletter recently about value being the difference from where you start to where you end.

And, in too many cases, we do a very bad job of actually measuring that value in a meaningful manner.

But the only way you can validate your value proposition is by understand the change and evolution you deliver for your clients.

All the better, if you can measure that in a meaningful way.

3. Look at ways that you can evolve:

Your value proposition should evolve.

That’s the original premise of the whole thing, but you have to be conscious of the evolution of your business, your thinking, and your value.

If you can manage it, you can grow it.

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