Don’t Wait: Get Sales and Marketing Out of The Silo!

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One of the big challenges any organization faces is silos. This is especially true when it comes to the combination of marketing and sales as a driver of your organization’s revenue. There is no good reason that marketing and sales shouldn’t share responsibilities and accountabilities.

Someone is going to tell you that you need silos as a manner to create maximum productivity.

And, when you see that person, you tell them that they are wrong.

Here’s why.

1. Without marketing, your sales isn’t going to hit the most valuable targets:

Marketing and sales shouldn’t be advisories. Instead, they should be partners in a dance that brings you the right kind of customers for your business.

If you are a sales agent, tasked with hitting the right number each month, the odds are going to go down that you are going to worry too much about cultivating and nurturing the right kind of long term clients because everything you have at your disposal is set up to be able making that monthly nut.

But if you are working with marketing and you share a common annual goal, you can nurture and close in the short and long term.

2. Without sales, marketing can never know if they are really focusing on the right areas:

One of my favorite sayings to business owners is when I tell them that they really have no idea what is going to happen when their products and services hit the market.

If you are in marketing, you can find out a lot by doing polls, marketing testing, and other things…but some of the fastest feedback comes from your sales department.


Because when they are talking with their accounts, they can get real, unvarnished feedback that comes from actual customers.


3. Without alignment, the organization just limps along:

Ultimately, having marketing and sales on the same page is an issue of alignment and alignment is about maximizing the impact of all parts of your organization.

If you have sales focusing on one thing and marketing focusing on another, you aren’t likely to maximize your revenue efforts.

This goes the same for operations, strategy, and their ability to interact and work with marketing and sales.


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