STOP! Don’t Wait For January 1st?!

new years resolutions

Tomorrow the calendar rolls over to December and with that comes the last month of the year.

Two things seem to happen with great consistency in December: people seem to coast because of the holidays and tons of articles and posts are written about how to plan or maximize your new year.

As I was looking at my strategic planning efforts for 2016, I saw that I really hadn’t done a lot of planning for content or outreach in December, so I was about the fall down the same rabbit hole that catches many of us.

So instead of falling into that trap, I am going to take the month of December to spend time working on and sharing my ideas on strategic planning and strategy so that you can spend the month of December focusing on creating an actionable strategy that will be ready to go while your competitors are still rubbing the sleep from their eyes on January 1st.

Over the next month, we will focus on your strategy and how you can turn it into actions:

The jumping off point will be the 3 questions you need to make sure you answer to focus your strategy, which we will work through with a day focused on each individual question:

1. What is the tangible value our organization offers?

2. Who is can use and will buy our value?

3. How do we reach this audience?

From there, we will work on identifying opportunities and using your current relationships to propel your strategic efforts, among other things.

So let me know what areas you are struggling with and we will try to cover as much as possible in the next 31 days.

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