Value/Success/Profits #3: Focus on outcomes, not on activities

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One of the big challenges that organizations and people find themselves in over and over is focusing on what they are doing and not what they are attempting to achieve.

In other words, they get trapped at a tactical level when success really comes from being at a strategic level.

The truth is that it is much easier to work on tactical activities. We can make a checklist or come up with a list of actions that we need to take to have had “success” that day, but true success is not achieved by such things.

True success comes from a focus on long term, strategic accomplishments. These kind of goals are what should drive your checklists and your ideas and actions through any given day.

How do you achieve this focus?

It begins with a vision? 

Where do you want your organization to get to?

What kinds of clients will propel you in the direction that you want to get to?

If all things were perfect, what would things look like?

Next, you have to be consistent.

The long term success is not going to be achieved without focus.

Combine vision and effort with a strong long term vision and you will achieve results.

Or, you can spend time focusing on activities and checklists and you will have had a day that you deem a “success” but maybe not much of anything else.

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