One of the best marketing campaigns you see…

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Is from the people that run Stone Brewing Company in California. It isn’t one thing, but an accumulation of many things.

This morning I want to highlight one important thing that they do that we should all pay attention to and that is the way that they use their Stone Enjoy By IPA to drive constant attention to their brand and build in the limited release part of their beer to drive consumer demand.

First, a few facts about beer:

* Beer is perishable.
* Beer is very popular with breweries popping up all over.
* Beer drinkers like the new and different.

That out of the way, Stone’s Enjoy By IPA is created to take advantage of all 3 of these aspects and that is where the pure genius of what they do comes in.

By making a beer that has a use by date on it, that always has a new recipe, and that is always new and different, they are able to constantly drive business to themselves and maintain market share while others are constantly battling for buyers.

For most of us, we like to create the sense of scarcity. And, we should be able to learn from the people at Stone.

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