Just the Basics


When I sit down to talk with clients and prospective clients, I often spend a great deal of time reflecting on where they are in the process of alignment and the basics. 

All too often it seems like too many businesses get caught up in chasing the latest technique and the latest fad. Often this is at the expense of doing the basics very well. Recently I found a book called ‘The Ultimate Sales Machine’ by Chet Holmes and he works through 12 steps that have to be perfected to make your business hum. 

When I look at businesses, I look at four areas that create the hum of revenue and profitability: strategy, operations, sales, and marketing. 

The big deal is creating alignment between these four areas so that every decision is made in a manner that is consistent with the intended outcomes that the organization is attempting to achieve. 

Which is really just a basic business skill.

Another one is planning your day and setting priorities, which often falls to the wayside due to our dependence on email and social media and the Internet as drivers of our attention. 

Here is the thing about the basics, there are different ones for different industries and specialities, but in any industry there aren’t that many. So it pays to get really good at them and to focus on them. Often, when you find yourself stuck, it is a good idea to stop what you are doing and see where you are in relationship to the basics that you know are necessary for your business to be successful. 

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