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That’s the sound I hope to hear from my clients after we have had a run of good luck…which is usually caused by a run of hard work. 

One thing that I talk about constantly with my clients is that you have to get into a position where you are the one that is doing the picking. 

You are picking the clients.

You are picking the opportunities.

You are saying yes.

You are saying no. 

Here in DC, we have the government. There job seems to be to talk about American Exceptionalism while driving everyone that works with them to be a drone, a commodity, a cog. 

The true art in life is in being unique. 

When I talk about my story, I talk about the combination of experience in the public and private sector and the ability that I have to walk between areas with an understanding of the situation, if not the specifics. 

As a person, that’s all we can ask…to recognize how unique we are and how unique the skills that we bring are. If you aren’t recognizing that and promoting it, your brand isn’t strong enough.

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