Going “Full Geek”

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I heard the term “full geek” applied to marketing the other day along with the idea that everyone is going to go “full geek.” 

My question was “why?”

I’m a fan of data and the information you can gain from using data wisely. The challenge with the commodification of marketing and data is that all of the information and all of the data can become worthless without a guiding theme and a focus on outcomes. 

Which leads me to the second part, “monetization” of data while maybe a wise strategy right now, is certainly going to be a race to the bottom as we have more and more data to work with and data that reaches us from more and more directions. 

The last part, “engagement” is also a false narrative…unless the “engagement” leads to an action of the organization’s desire. “Engagement” alone is just an ego boost for everyone involved. Converting that “engagement” into meaningful actions is where the rubber meets the road. 

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